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Estonian Film Week in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa

21.04.2010 - 08.05.2010

From April 21st until May 8th, an Estonian Film Week will take place in the Cinematheques of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. The programme includes three feature films:

  1. "Autumn Ball" by Veiko Õunpuu is based on late Mati Unt’s modernist novel with the same title and deals with the tensions and problems in modern urban life of Estonia;
  2. "Names in Marble" by Elmo Nüganen tells the story of Estonian Independence War in 1918-1920; and
  3. "The Class" by Ilmar Raag is a psycological drama about violence and self determination problems among high school pupils.

The film week also offers the possibility to watch some new Estonian documentaries: "Lotman’s world" by Agne Nelk tells the biography of this great Jewish semiotic who wrote most of his works in the Tartu University; historical documentaries "Memories denied" by Imbi Paju and "Article 58/4" by Pinchas Schatz deal with the fate of their family members during and after the WWII. And – last but not least! – one show in every Cinematheque is dedicated to the Estonian animation, with documentary "Kings of the Time" telling the birth story of Estonian animation and three short animation films.

All the three feature films have 'hebrew subtitles, the rest of the movies have English translation.

The contacts:

Tel Aviv Cinematheque, , Shprinzak 2, tel 03 6950407, 03 6060800
Jerusalem Cinematheque, 11 Hebron Rd, tel 02 565 4333,
Haifa Cinematheque,

Names on Marble 21.04 22.04 25.04
Lotman’s World 23.04 21.04 26.04
Kings of Time 24.04 02.05 21.04
Autumn Ball 26.04 29.04 24.04
The Class 28.04 27.04 30.04
Memories Denied and Article 58/4 30.04 23.04 08.05


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