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Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet condemns all mockery of the Holocaust


In response to a journalist’s query at a press conference today regarding a picture published in an Estonian daily newspaper, Foreign Minister Paet condemned all mockery of the Holocaust.

“Regarding the failed advertisement and the failed joke I would not call either of those humor” said Paet to a reporter for Baltic News Service. He added that something that hurts and insults so many people can never be considered a joke: “We all know how many people were so brutally murdered in concentration camps. Trying to make a joke out of it is absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate.” Paet said he was sorry that “so many people have been hurt and insulted as a result of this and as an Estonian I am very embarrassed.”  

A few weeks ago an Estonian gas company published an advertisement on its website using a photo of Auschwitz concentration camp. Later an Estonian newspaper displayed another picture, mocking the previous advertisement in its humor section.


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