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Tartu Scientists Create 'Smart Glass'
Scientists at the University of Tartu have created a glass surface that can be rendered opaque at the flick of a button, allowing it to be used as window shades. The secret of the creation lies in a special ...
Tartu University Among World's Top 1% for Engineering
The University of Tartu made it among the world's top 1 percent in engineering, freshly published data by the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) reveal. According to Alar Karis, rector of the university, ...
Estonia Sets Theme at Helsinki Book Fair
When the 11th annual Helsinki Book Fair kicks off today, the literary spotlight will shine on Estonian writers, thinkers and artists. In the coming year, a record number of Estonian authors will see their ...
Tallinn Offers Medieval Charms
Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is quite simply one of the most attractive cities you could hope to find. If it appears on your business trip agenda, consider yourself lucky, unless of course you have ...
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